You Sell. We Ship. You Earn! We handle everything from the website, products, inventory, logistics to all the technical support that a seller might need.
You don’t need buckets of money: Dropshipping makes it amazingly easy to get started selling online. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, yet you can still offer thousands of items to your customers.
Convenience and efficiency: Successfully launching and growing an ecommerce business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources.
Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient and frees up your time to concentrate on your marketing plan, customer service, and operations.
Mobility: With the entire physical fulfillment issues handled, you’re free to operate your business from anywhere you want, wherever there is an internet connection!


Import the catalog into your e-commerce

Using the smart basic or integrations for Shopify, Prestashop and Woocommerce, import our catalog into your e-commerce.


Customers buy in your online shop

Your customers place orders for the items of clothing of our catalog, on your e-commerce.


Your store forwards the order to PEPPELA

As soon as your customer makes a purchase, your e-commerce sends the order to us for processing.


PEPPELA prepares and ships the package

PEPPELA receives the order and independently manages the shipment of the package to your customer, anonymously!



No Warehouse Costs

Sell thousands of products of the most exclusive brands without having them physically in store, saving money and time!


No Minimum Order

It is not necessary to have a minimum of orders or pieces for dropshipping, because you only buy what you sell!


+20.000 Designer Products

With the B2B PEPPELA dropshipping you have at your disposal more than 20,000 products from over 300 major Italian and international high fashion brands!


Start selling now

Thanks to the easy integration of our catalog with your e-shop, you can start selling online in a very short time!


High profit margins

PEPPELA offers you wholesale luxury clothing at discounted prices up to 75% and with large profit margins for you!


New products every day

No to static catalogs. We import every day hundreds of new products, for a very wide and updated offer!


Fast and Monitored Shipments

We use UPS and DHL for global, fast and tracked shipments to ensure maximum satisfaction


Easy Integration of the Catalog

Include our catalog in your e-commerce, whatever your e-commerce platform, or use our modules for Shopify, Prestashop and WooCommerce


Multilingual Product Catalog

Product descriptions in 24 languages, for an offer that is always suited to your competitive environment!


A multichannel management platform for your dropshipping business. Fully automated service to sell products on your e-commerce website or on popular marketplaces without having to worry about stock risks or finding and negotiating the best shipping services..


With B2B Peppela Fashion dropshipping service you can start earning immediately without warehouse risks or logistical issues. Import our catalog into your e-commerce and you will be able to sell immediatly thousands of clothing items of the best brands, at discounted prices up to 80%!
Step 1 - Select the products to include in your catalogue with just a few clicks.
Step 2 - Choose the sales channels for automatic catalogue connection
Step 3 - The customer buys products directly from your store.
Step 4 - The order is automatically sent to the product supplier via PEPPELA
Step 5 - We ship directly to your customer, worldwide .

ANNEX B – Appointment of the Data

  • 1. You need let us know what kind product you are looking or all products (for example)
  • 2. We will create for you link in csv format. Our feed is updated every 15 min.
  • 3. You need to choose subscription plan and pay for it.
  • 4. Basically that's all , you can start sale.